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Canopy sizes are usually decided by the amount of air required to cool and the noise level required.

The simplest canopies are close fit either base mounted or floor mounted.

They have been developed to provide a robust structure giving excellent access, security and safety. Access doors are provided on both  sides. They are built incorporating the necessary strengthening and incorporate seals to meet the required noise level.

The noise level required is achieved by using lined canopy panels and the correct air passages through the attenuators. This is obtained by a combination of impedance, reflection and absorption.

As air is required to keep the generator cool it enters and leaves the canopy through weather louvres and attenuators. The radiator fan coupled to the discharge attenuator via a canvas connection prevents re-circulation and ensures a positive flow of air through the enclosure.

Canopies can be offered with a bunded base or fuel tank base or if specified as a walk around enclosure. A single access door is fitted in each side.

Additional items can be offered including electrics, electrical link box, fuel tank and motor/gravity louvres.

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