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Where there is a need to provide an environment housing for UPS, batteries and generation, Sound Engineering Ltd offers a solution designed to suit the criteria of the customer.

The container is built from scratch in our factory and reflects the strength required to meet the application. ISO corner castings are fitted at each corner.

The inside has a raised floor with cable ducts fitted with screwed down lids.

Electrical trunking can be recessed into the acoustic wall and has removable front lids for total access when wiring. It forms a high level ring with vertical drops where required.

The container can be divided into several compartments .

The first compartment houses the generator and fuel tank. Access doors can be fitted in the side for equipment installation and removal Hinges are heavy duty with external handles chrome plated complete with internal incandescent panic release button. The hinge side of the door is fitted with anti vandal pins to stop the door being removed if the hinges are taken off.

The Uninterrupted power supply room is constructed as the generator room but with a solid internal face. It is separated from the generator room by a partition. A single access door can be fitted for access.

The compartment is force vented by a fan fitted with external gravity louver to prevent ingress of water. Air discharges this compartment through a louver fitted with a finger guard and a vent slot positioned in the opposite wall.

The switchgear room is similar to the UPS room with a double access door fitted in the end for equipment installation and removal. 

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